Mountain Maker & Cookie Giveaway

I'm lucky enough to have friends who are talented artists, makers, and in Kyndra Connor's case, bakers. Kyndra is a Montanan, an artist, DIY-er, and kickass cookie connoisseur. We were pen pals for months before I ever met her in person and her voice was immediately memorable on paper. She's way wittier than I'll ever be, and will deliver cookies to your house by order--that's right, her small business Sweetroot Cookie Company is a custom cookie delivery service. You choose the cookie, like brownie, mint-chocolate chip, strawberry cheesecake, and my favorite, browned butter salted caramel. UGH. 
Cookie giveaway
What's really awesome about Kyndra's cookies are the stories behind a lot of them.

It's really fun to hear how the cookies become a part of another person's story like how I was asked to make my Strawberry Cheesecake cookies for a little girl who wanted to have an extra special tea party with her Grandpa. Or the pink chocolate chip cookies I delivered to some local grandparents expecting to hear the gender of their new grandchild. I mean, it makes it meaningful. That makes long hours and two jobs worth it.

If you get tired of baking over the holidays, she's got you covered, or if you just want free cookies shipped to your front door, enter her DOZEN COOKIE GIVEAWAY, here.

Montana is a huge part of Kyndra's life and artistic inspiration. Her prints, sold in her Etsy shop, Truth & Beauty Designs, are often of the mountains and I'm obsessed with her rainy day photo series. 
Rainy Day photography
I really love mountains and natural colors and textures - solid colors, woods, stone - I think they all work so well together. I like the simplicity that nature sometimes exhibits - strong mountain silhouette, fading blue sky, golden wheat field running along the grey highway. You know? 
I'm easily overwhelmed, so I find a lot of beauty in simplicity and strong contrast. 
Personally, the mountains and trees make me feel safe.
DIY Makers Print Illustrations
I love typography, literature, hand lettering, abstract art, so many photographers, and even some architects. Right now, I'm really into Yangyang Pan - her abstracts are beautiful. And I'll always love Raymond Carter - his works are so devastating and full of truth.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost Print
"I had some sharpies, a map of Montana & some time."
I really love the Pacific Northwest. Growing up in the flatlands makes me really appreciate what some nice topography and thick forest can do for the heart. It's so comforting, so I plan on wandering around up here for awhile. Maybe forever. 

Kyndra is autodidactic by nature, obsessed with cat memes, a waffle enthusiast, thinks Colorado has the best beer, is a terrible joke teller, has the memory of a goldfish, wants to live in the trees, loves the sound of her boyfriend’s laugh, and is a huge San Francisco Giant’s fan.


  1. Just to clarify - the 'when you love..' script painting is a replica of Kal Barteski's that I did for fun. She's amazing

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