2015 Best Adventures

It's that time of year again when December swings around on the calendar so fast that it gives us whiplash. I can't believe how much has happened in 2015: from summiting a Colorado 14er to climbing in Indian Creek to my first river rafting trip in Idaho. Not to mention, starting this blog, which has been a huge exploration all on its own. Of course, not all adventures reach a summit--sometimes you get lost or you're forced to turn around, but it doesn't seem to matter how crazy the idea (remember when Mike and I got matching tattoos?!), you guys have shown so much love and support in your comments and shares, and in your presence. <3

So 2016 will bring big changes to the blog! New year, new goals, new friends, and new adventures.
I'm so excited to make this announcement, so I hope you'll stick around for it in January. :) And if we happened to miss each other on the trail this year, here's 2015 year in review from Ellipsis. 

Thanks for joining me on adventures, big and small--can't wait for more in the new year!

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