At the Border: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Last weekend, I drove 11 hours to visit one of my very good friends who left Fort Collins, Colorado last summer for Las Cruces, New Mexico. Everyone he knew thought he was crazy: who would leave the Rocky Mountains, the brewfests and the biking for a border town in the desert? I thought the move was risky but brave; nothing good ever comes without a bit of risk right? Little did I know that I would instantly feel a special kind of affinity for this place, the southwest, and I’d venture to say that Josh didn’t expect this either.
This is Josh, a damn good fiction writer at NMSU.
I drove 100 miles through the Jornada del Muerto Desert Basin, “single day’s journey of the dead man,” with no gas, no signs of civilization, and no warning that this area was once the most feared and deadly to pioneers, and still meant trouble if you weren’t paying attention today. Needless to say, I was humbled in my air-conditioned car as I thought about trekking this route by foot beneath the unforgiving high sun. 
 Incredible changing landscape of plateaus, white peaks, and the brilliant desert reds and yellows.
We spent Saturday in Juarez, Mexico. I expected an army at the border crossing, dogs, and endless checkpoints, but we walked right into Mexico without any hullaboo.
At the border.
I was captivated by the colors of Cuidad Juarez. We spent the whole day walking around in circles in the marketplace. There was so much to take in!

(l.) "Do whatever He tells you."

We grabbed bottles of Coke, pastor, and paletas de frutas from side-street food stands.

I didn't notice the AK-47 wall decoration of this abandoned building until I was home and editing this photo!

 We walked back over the Rio Grande and into the U.S.  As a resident of Colorado, a state whose natural landscape is so loved and protected, the sad state of this river was one of many reality breaks during this day.
On Sunday, we went climbing in the local sports crag, The Rough and Ready, and I’ll be sharing my experience on New Mexico rock soon!


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    1. Everything is so close by car. I'm amazed by how much I can see in a weekend! :) Thanks for reading!! :*

  2. I've never been to Juarez, but I love the American Southwest. There is certainly plenty to fall in love with there. You're pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such beautiful scenery to fall in love with. In an air conditioned car, that landscape is gorgeous, but like you said it the perspective of your surrounds may change if you had to walk it. It seems like a long beautiful stretch to drive. Sounds like a relaxing adventure, now I want to travel somewhere. :)

    1. Glad the post gave you the travel itch Felicia! ;) made the long hours in the car seem shorter, and I stopped at rest areas and ran a couple laps to keep my blood moving haha


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