Obsessions of July 15th, 2015

I don't know about you, but I often go through obsession phases for certain things, and these obsessions exist in my daily life like a faint pattern, like the lines on my hand.

Currently, for me, it's names. All of them, because names can define or identify or contradict. And textiles, hand-dyed fabrics; hands stained with faded grays and charcoals. And the way cream blooms in a glass of iced black coffee. And, chairs. There's an interesting graphic circulating that illustrates one person laying across seven chairs (chairs representative of wealth in America) and a group of people trying to all sit on one.

Here's some link love for my current obsessions. 
Cold Brew Coffee Linens Chairs

Cold Brew Coffee with Cream

An obsession with coffee is nothing new, and every day has been hardcore hot here in Colorado until the thunderstorms roll over town from the foothills in the afternoon and cool everything down. But until then, I nurse the hotness with some cold brew from my favorite cafes in town. If you want to save some money though, try making your own at home! Here's the recipe for making homemade cold brew from "How Sweet It Is." 

Fog Linens

A brick and mortar shop out of Japan that spins Lithuanian flax fibers into their simple, daily linens. Just picked up two of the navy seersucker kitchen cloths on sale for $8.00 at Rain, a local boutique in Fort Collins, but you can also get them (preferred over any other pattern) here.  

More & Co.

This Portland, Maine studio and shop supports collaborations and makers, and all of their items and artists are beautiful like this graphite on paper seascape by Francisco Faria. Maybe this piece is magnetized for me because I live in a land-locked state and I'm an Atlantic Ocean girl. But I can't stop drooling over their tumblr, "A Little More Like This." 

Maple Wood Bar Stools

I just picked up an IKEA folding leaf, wall-mounted kitchen table at a tag sale (that's New England for garage/yard sale) for $10 the other day--score! So I've been lusting after a couple of simple stools like these maple wood bar stools from Chairish. I love that they have butt mold. 

What are some of your obsessions lately? Would love to hear them in the comments! 


  1. Sweet! I'm totally gonna have to try the coffee, it's always hot here in FL. ;)

  2. I've always been a tea person but it seems like I'm seeing cold brew coffee everywhere this summer and it looks SO good! But how can anything be bad with cream in it? :)

  3. I had to read your post when I saw coffee in the title as I am just a little bit of an addict :) Glad I stopped by as the Fog Linens sound like a great buy


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