At Week's End

The weekend ends the work-week but when you're a graduate student and you work through the the days most people are rebooting, whether at your part-time pizza joint job or grading papers for your assistantship, Fridays don't quite sparkle as much as they do for everyone else. The weekend usually feels like a week-start, go figure. So anyway, in the spirit of the weekend, here's what I'm up to.


Great House by Nicole Krauss

For the second time. I've read History of Love three times. My good friend just picked up History of Love and I'm stoked to see what he thinks. Krauss gets a lot of smack from critics, but I like her. So there.


Allison Weiss, Remember When and Say What You Mean

Gutsy, punked pop, not-too-sweet, but also not trying to prove too much. Here's her newest album for ear-pleasure. Listen to her cover of "Call Your Girlfriend."


Took a bike ride on my new Performance roadie up to Horsetooth Reservoir with the intention of "beaching it," but when I arrived, the water level was so high it had washed away the entire...shoreline? (What is reservoir language?!) Anyway, I made do until a couple of thunderstorms rolled in from the Rockies, and forced me on my way back home. 
Tomorrow, though, Mike and I are hiking Twin Sisters! Can't wait to share the experience. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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