What's On My Desk (And well, around it) Vol. 2

I'm going to be honest with you. It's hard to sit or stand at my desk for too long because it faces a wall. For this reason, I'm floored by inspiration boards, mood collages, and gallery walls, and until I have more than four walls to work with (read: I rent a room, as in one room), I'm happy with my humble collection of mementos that hang above my desk and the stories they tell.

When I hung these small frames up, I tapped the first nail once and the things on the other side of the wall, in my roommate's bedroom, went crashing to the floor--luckily nothing was broken.
Obsessed with Guardians of the Galaxy!
I prefer the term sentimental collector to hoarder, and movie stubs are one piece of paper that I can't bear to throw away. Typically, they pile up and I stuff them in pockets of purses, backpacks, and trinket boxes so they're scattered everywhere and often get lost. Finally, I had the brilliant idea to take an entire stack, put two of my favorites on top so they're visible, and display them in a tiny 2.5x3in frame. Hi-yah! 

I picked up this tiny watercolor from a side-street painter in Paris. I know, I told you, sentimental and hopelessly romantic, but I do love the way this floating frame picks up the teal in the painting. 

Kind of hard to tell, but this poster is a map of every roadway in the United States and none of the states' boundaries: the epitome of the term "open road" and that's how I like it.

I realize this isn't on my wall or on my desk, but these things are under my desk, on the trestle legs that support the drafter's tabletop. Atop the stack of books (some of my favorites) is a small wooden sign with the name of the town that I'm from: Oakville, Connecticut! Beside the books, are a year's backlog of The Writer's Chronicle, and a small collection of moleskines, full of notes from every class I took during my MFA. I think it's easy to discard under-the-desk space as merely storage, but I didn't realize how nice it was to store this stuff and display it. 

Hey, what're you up to?

Of course, Kinley Kitty had to get in on the action. This is a typical perch post. 

If you missed Volume 1 of "What's On My Desk," mosey on over for the first installment, and if you like some of the things featured in my photographs, check out Ellipsis pinterest account for more workspace inspiration and envy. I leave in just a few hours for a road trip from Colorado to New Mexico to visit a friend and I can't wait to share this big adventure. 


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