The Daily Grind: Coal Creek Coffee Co.

In my last post, What's On My Desk, I showed you guys my at-home workspace (thank you for the kind comments and general love!). To be honest though, I do the majority of my writing in a carefully-curated rotation of coffee shops. Like most people, I develop a serious case of depresso when I haven't had my morning Americano. That's why I'm so excited to feature some of my favorite coffee house haunts!

Mike and I took a small trip north to his hometown, Laramie, Wyoming, when a freak snowstorm blew in, closed down all the roads back to Colorado, and left us stranded in this tiny, cowboy town. Thankfully, we were welcomed by friends and Coal Creek Coffee Company where we stayed basically until closing.

Besides the atmosphere and the coffeehouse tunes, I go to cafes to work because I'm not staring at the wall in front of my bedroom desk. People-watching is productive!

This is our friend, Conner. He's a graphic designer, and a Coal Creek barista, and is going to school for film.
Written on the cafe tables in Sharpie marker, faded in spots by countless arms and mugs, are some of the best coffee quotes I've seen, like:

"All necessary food groups: caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and fat." 

These stickers almost made me cry with laughter. 

Ain't it the truth!
They're a fan of the outdoors too. I snagged a pair of SockGuy Coal Creek Coffee socks because I was unprepared for that snowstorm and my feet were soaked!

Guess what? Mike doesn't drink coffee. I met the kid at one of my favorite coffee roasters in Fort Collins where he was a barista, and he doesn't drink coffee. 
So he was happy with this old-school Coca-Cola.

Coffee houses are near and dear to my heart, but so are bars, so look out for a similar series on NoCo bars that are excellent for a beer and a book! 

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  1. Between your love of coffee and rock climbing, I believe we would be fast friends :) Do you have twitter to connect?

    1. Hey Shane, thanks for your message! Glad to meet another coffee guru and rock climber :) I don't have Twitter actually (I know.), but I'd love to connect via other SM--links below my profile pic ^!


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